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What are some of the children’s stories?
We specialize in accepting babies and very young children. Many came as newborns,
orphaned when their mother died giving birth to them. Others arrived severely
malnourished and sick, due to neglect, trauma or abuse. Still others were simply
abandoned without explanation. We also have some older children with special needs
or who otherwise had no other options. AIDS, malaria and other medical crises play a
part in neglected children, as does marital unfaithfulness. Our policy is never to refuse
a child who is genuinely in need.

How do you get the children who are in your care?
All the children in our home are here because there is no one else to care for them;
some have even been refused by other local children’s homes. They have been
orphaned, abandoned or are otherwise vulnerable. They come directly or indirectly
through government child welfare entities. Some are referred by the hospitals, police,
and social services. We do not accept children who have families to care for them, but
think they will be “better off” with us.

Does the government help with the children’s expenses?
No. On the contrary, in addition to providing for the children, there are also
government fees and requirements which we must pay in order to operate.

What is your organizational structure?
We have a very simple structure, allowing for all our funds to go directly to meeting
the children’s needs.  Our home in Uganda is staffed by local employees who provide
direct care for the children 24 hours a day. Currently we employ 15 people to care for
about 40 children. Because of the children’s ages and special needs, we have a low
child to staff ratio. Thus we are also providing for the children of our employees, by
providing them a job. We have one American director who provides necessary
accountability, oversight and administration, who is a volunteer in Uganda, being paid
a small salary by an American non-profit. We operate in Uganda as Nurture Baby
Home, under a registered NGO.
Within the home, children are organized into family
units to foster a sense of belonging and security. We currently have two families of
boys (monkey family and giraffe family) and two of girls (butterfly and flower families).

What are your plans for the children in the future?
We believe in family. We ARE family for all the children in our care, until a better family
situation materializes for each of them. Some children have living relatives who will be
able to care for them in the future, for example, a single father who cannot manage
to care for them as infants but who is looking forward to reuniting when they are a bit
older. We believe in adoption and foster care, however, that option is quite rare for
Ugandans and has become quite difficult for foreigners. Each child’s case is special
and unique and we will do everything in our power to ensure a stable, loving,
empowering home environment for each one of them as they grow.

How are you funded?
We are funded exclusively by donations from friends who share our vision. We would
love to expand our support base so that we can meet our budget every month, and
improve our facilities and services. We are always looking for businesses, churches,
and clubs to join us. All giving is tax deductible in the USA through To Africa with Love
Ministries, Inc., a registered 501c3 charitable organization.

What is your budget?
Currently our annual budget is about $100,000. We have been operating at about
half of that, with 2 churches and about 2
5 other individuals and businesses
contributing regularly, and other friends boosting us with single donations at times.
We have seen God’s faithfulness and have been able to stretch every dollar to meet
essential needs. We are hoping for others to join in this adventure and see our full
budget met, and begin to focus on improving our services and expanding our reach.
A simplified breakdown of our budget per child, per month goes like this:
$1 a day provides 3 meals
$1 a day provides housing
$1 a day provides salaries for caregivers
$1 a day provides education and clothing
$1 a day provides for medical care, and special needs
$1 a day provides operating costs, government fees, and unforeseen expenses
$1 a day allows our American founder and director to live with us in country