I grew up in the small town of Broussard, Louisiana.
From a very early age, I remember all I wanted to
do is travel the world and help children in need.

After studying engineering at UL and graduating
with a degree in a health field from LSU medical
center, the desire of my heart was still the same = I
wanted to go help children in Africa

In 2004 my dream became a reality and I moved to
Uganda as a full time missionary. I spent a number
of years assisting other organizations in caring for
orphaned, abandoned and otherwise vulnerable

In 2012 I founded a new organization and home
called Nurture Baby Home, in a very needy area of

I believe every child deserves to be loved,
cherished, and nurtured. We do not turn away any
child who is legitimately referred to us, and often
receive children who have been refused by other
humanitarian organizations. Many are newborns,
orphaned when their mothers died in childbirth,
others were abandoned in horrible conditions of
malnourishment, abuse and neglect. Some are due
to AIDS related difficulties. Some have been
abandoned and abused due to various
handicapping conditions.

We hold to a very high standard of practice in all we
do. Holding moral integrity, accountability,
transparency, and kindness as essential values.

We believe in the redemptive power of the love of
Jesus Christ, and consider that true, enduring help
is linked to children coming to a knowledge of their
intrinsic value before a loving creator, who calls
Himself their Father! We desire every child carry
with them this living hope, confident they have a
Helper who is with them to love and help them
wherever life takes them.
About Us
© 2018 To Africa with Love - 3107 Riverwood Rd - New Iberia, Louisiana, 70560 - friendsoftawl@gmail.com - 337.519.5222
To Africa with Love Ministries, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law.  
Fay Girouard
Africa Field Director
We are a donor funded charity, currently providing
complete care to 40  babies and young children in
our home in Masaka, Uganda. To Africa with  Love
Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3  charitable organization
registered in the USA, in New Iberia, Louisiana.  

We operate Nurture Baby Home in Uganda, and
perform other charitable  functions to meet
immediate needs of vulnerable children and effect  
community change regarding human value.

The children in our care are  the most vulnerable -
abandoned, or orphaned with no one to care for  
them. Many have been rescued on brink of death
due to starvation and  neglect. All of the children in
our care have been properly vetted to  substantiate
their situation. We do not accept children who have
others  to care for them, and we never refuse a
child who is legitimately in  need.

We have no highly paid staff, nor corporate
buildings;  therefore, donations go directly toward
meeting children's needs for  food, shelter,
protection, education, and medical care. We hire
local  residents to care for the children, thus
empowering them to meet their families' needs also.

Our founding director has lived in Uganda since
2004, and provides strict oversight of all funds
distribution to ensure donations are used
effectively. We  maintain 100% accountability to

We depend on the redemptive power of the love of
the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe every child
deserves to be loved, cherished and nurtured.

We value your input, and your advocacy on our
behalf. Please contact us at